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TRIB-0358 - Denise vs Emanuella

Sunday, October 05, 2014
Hot couple
Reviewer : Quatrecoins
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One thing seems clear from the very start : Denise fancies Emanuella, and is attracted to her. Being stronger she is in control of the early wrestling moves. Emanuella does her best to escape from Denise missionary moves since this tactics seem very efficient to drive her to orgasm. Soon both women are close to the edge of climax. Pussy hand rubbing in doggy positions is in order. Proud and beautiful women will enjoy each other beyond control.

HPC-20 - Wrestling to a special finish

Friday, August 22, 2014
Einfach wunderschoen
Reviewer : Peter Senior
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Das war das beste Orgasmus der DWW-Geschichte!

Hier kommen zwei Maedels gegen einander, die wirklich zeigen wollen, dass sie zu der DWW ewig gehoeren sollen. Hier beginnen sie beide ihre Karieren. Es ist deutlich, dass Eva sehr begabt ist, aber Jana mehr Erfahrung hat.

Es ist bis zum Ende ueberhaupt nicht klar, wer gewinnt. Das Partie war mit Sicherheit knapp!

TRIB-0050 - Christine vs Melinda

Friday, August 22, 2014
Echt guter Wettbewerb
Reviewer : Peter Senior
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Christine am Ende ihrer Kariere. Hier erscheint sie gegen Melinda, und die beiden wollen noch zeigen, dass sie es packen koennen.

Ich freue mich sehr darueber, diese alten Partien wieder zu sehen, wenn es sich einfach um das einzige Orgasmus geht. Bis zum Mittelpunkt gibt es keine klare Siegerin. Das Ende kommt aber ziemlich schell danach!

TRIB-0129 - Christine vs Viktoria M

Friday, February 28, 2014
Good old classics
Reviewer : sffan4e
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Christine is one of my HPC favorits (besides Wanda and Melanie). And her match up with Viktoria M was a great one again. Just as the gym match, following after Christines sexfight with dark haired Joanna. But back to this vid. As already stated by TG, it's outside, so I too had some trouble with the quality of the sound. But the action made up a lot for it. The style is different from the fast pased humping and rubbing we often see in the newer TG releases. The HPC style is more slow and sensuous, but not less competitive. One of the often used moves, which I like a lot, is the... uhm, I call it the Pussy Press. Both girls press the pussies (and clits) as hard into eachother as they can. Often creating bridges and genuine expressions on their faces showing their effort to force her opponent back.
A really nice ride back to the good old days :-)

TRIB-0145 - Nina vs Martina N. - Cheerleader’s Feud, Part 2

Friday, February 28, 2014
Nina's Alpha!
Reviewer : sffan4e
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Nina is going strong in this video. After defeating Saliera, she continues to take on Martina. And not only that, she is still really going for it. OK, the script might state that the loosers will take it on. But that also means that Nina can not loose. Al the harder she needs to try to not loose her control and make her opponent come first. I haven't seen Martina in action before, but boy, she seems to have a bit of experience herself. If not that, she at least won't let Nina dominate her and win a match that easily. Quite a spirited fight!

TRIB-0368 - Nina vs Lucille

Saturday, August 31, 2013
On my list of favorites!
Reviewer : sffan4e
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Oh boy, this one got to my list of favorit Tribgirls releases...

Both girls I find beautifull, and spirited sexfighters. A shame Lucille retired (though it's not mentioned as such on the girls list), and I haven't seen any recent releases from Nina either. But in this match, both girls were great. Great for me means that both are competitive in their sexfight, and that the action is back and forth. What give this match an edge is not only the girls, but the theme of match. Get as much as you can, no mercy, no stopping... and they didn't. Not when she got her opponent to cum, but also not when she was forced to orgasm herself. At some point Lucille "asked" if Nina wasn't stopping grinding into her. That was so hot to me...

TRIB-0043 - Eva N. vs. Mel

Tuesday, July 09, 2013
So VERY hot!!!
Reviewer : Matt
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SO much sensual kissing and always being tender as Eva N always done. There aren't too many videos hotter than this one. Eva N at her sensual best. When she looks into Mel's eyes during the tribbing you can see that she is into it so much that she forgets all about the cameras. Never forget.

TRIB-0518 - Viktoria M. vs Hajnal

Saturday, June 15, 2013
More good catball sexfight
Reviewer : Philip
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More of the hot body locked struggle with the slimmer Hajnai. I love the fight in the sexfight part of this. Lots of tight leg locked and crotch locked, along with basic pussy grinding but there is a definite stuggle going on here. This is the action that sets DWW apart from just run of the mill porn lesbian porn sites.

TRIB-0516 - Hajnal vs Kati N.

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Hot catball sexfight action
Reviewer : Philip
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I love the fight in the sexfight part of this. Lots of tight leg locked and crotch locked, along with basic pussy grinding but there is a definite stuggle going on here. This is the action that sets DWW apart from just run of the mill porn lesbian porn sites.

TRIB-0512 - Melanie vs Isabelle

Sunday, May 12, 2013
Warum nicht zuvor?
Reviewer : PeterSenior
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Ich frage mich nur, warum dieses Match nicht zuvor erscheinen hat. Es ist eins der besten, die HPC je gesendet hat.

Hier sehen wir Melanie ohne Braeune. Au ja! Und man hat das Gefuehl, dass diese beiden Maedels einander gut kennen!

Eins ist staerker frueh im Kampf. Dann wird es aber so erotisch, dass sie einen Kampf verlassen und in ein Verkehr eintreten! Die beiden Maedels werden sexuell immer staerker, auch als sie koerperlich muede sein muessen.

Es ist dann kaum moeglich zu beschreiben, wie der Kampf zu Ende kommt. Es herrscht einfach Leidenschaft!


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