Tue, Sep. 26, 2017

Do not use AOL built in web browser

AOL users: Using a normal Web browser, such as Internet explorer, Netscape or  Firefox  circumvent AOL's proxy servers. It is highly recommended that you never use the AOL browser due to its severe security holes. AOL browsers do not work on password protected websites if those sites are secure websites.

AOL, and some other ISPs, may access websites in a way that is interpreted as a second log in and all current sessions are logged off. "Internet accelerator" software, and several ISPs (most notably AOL), silently and without your consent re-route all of your Web traffic through their own servers, instead of giving you direct access to the Web as you might expect as a reasonable internet user. Actually this kind of rerouted web access is a severe security threat for your privacy, too! Unfortunately, the traffic is also often passed between several AOL servers with different IP addresses during a single session, often within a few seconds only, which causes the IP address on our records to no longer match your IP address and causes any serious website with any reasonable security system to terminate your session, otherwise any smart third parties would be able to further on surf the web with your AOL identity.

Therfore do not use the AOL built-in web browser. AOL users may successfully log in if Internet Explorer or Netscape or any other appropriate browser is launched after connecting to AOL. 

Extremely Important:  Do not use the AOL browser!  Connect with AOL, but then minimize it immediately and use the other browser. People have problems with password protected websites, with chat rooms and with some message boards when they do not use accepted browsers!

For best results with AOL, we recommend the following:

  1. Connect to the Internet using AOL version 4.0 or higher.
  2. Minimize the AOL session.
  3. Launch one of the recommended browsers. Do not install any proxies in your browser settings!
  4. For downloads of recommended browsers kindly follow our given links