Tue, Sep. 26, 2017

FAQ about the new HD video download option

Q1. Will all your videos become available for HD download?

A1. No, only a few selected ones and previously released videos are available in HD, however, the majority of our current and future video downloads will be available in HD. Unfortunately our older videos can never become HD because those weren't originally filmed in HD.

Q2. Will you still offer that old video download format I'm already familiar with?

A2: Yes, of course! We'll still offer the well known WMV9 format for our customers. The new HD video is just an additional and optional feature!

Q3. Are your video downloads going to become more expensive in the future?

A3. No! All the video downloads in your familiar WMV9 format will be available for the very same price like they were before. However, if you prefer watching the new HD format, too, then you'll have to pay the price for the HD upgrade (usually 1 to 4 more credits depending on the length of this video).

Q4. Why are the HD downloads more expensive than WMV9 downloads?
It's the same video, isn't it?

A4. The credits that we're charging for HD downloads additionally are just "technical credits". Download traffic for HD videos is taking about 4 times longer and is therefore more expensive than for WMV9 downloads, plus the creation of the HD format requires more work, time and money, too. We need to provide the necessary disc space on our servers and that costs money, too. That's exactly why we are charging the upgrade price (credits) for the HD download.

Q5. Will I have to pay the higher price for your HD downloads if I don't want them?

A5. Certainly NOT! You still may want to get the old WMV9 format only. In that case they are available for the same price as they were before!

Q6. Why all that hassle with the SFV file? I don't need it and by the way that sounds much too complicated for me!

A6. Don't worry. The SFV file - together with your SFV software - will give you an opportunity to verify the correctness of your media file download. If there were any digital download errors, your SFV software will report them. However, if you trust your download completely then you can of course ignore that SFV file check, too. The SFV file is just an optional and free service we're providing to our customers deliberately.
Find more about SFV and how it works HERE.

Q7. Are SFV Files available for downloaded HD media files only?

A7. At this time there are all SFV files available only for the HD downloads. At this time we offer SFV files for WMV9 downloads for selected downloads only. However, there will be more SFV files for WMV9 downloads in the future. Please note that you'll have to use the correct SFV file for checking the correctness of your download. The last digits of the SFV filename you may use for checking your WMV9 downloads are always "WM9p" while the last digits for the SFV filename for the HD check are always "720p".

Q8. I downloaded TRIB-300 about 5 months ago when it was available as a WMV9 file only. Will I have to pay the full price once again if I wanted to get the HD download now?

A8. No, you don't have to pay the full price again. Everything you would be charged for will be just the price for the HD upgrade only. However, please read on: You either need to combine the old account with your current account first, or otherwise you ought to login with the very SAME account data (=user ID/password) that you had used approx. 5 months ago when you had first downloaded TRIB-300. If you won't login by using exactly the very same account (or alternatively the already combined account) then our software won't recognise you and you'd be charged the full price.

Q9. I've had so many DWW accounts in the past and unfortunately I did never combine them. How could I ever find out about what movies I had downloaded with what accounts? I don't remember.

A9. That's simple: On the left side of this screen you'll find the link "Account Information" right below the "Member administration" headline. Click that link and login with one of your accounts that you had used before. Now you can see a list of all your videos you did download successfully by using that account in the past. In DWW-MOVIES you'll see all your MOVIES and FOM videos you did download with that account before while in TRIBGIRLS you'll see all your TRIBGIRLS downloads. Note that there could be more than one page displayed if you did download many videos in the past. If you can't find the download you were searching for, simply logout and then login again with one of your other previous accounts and finally you'll find the download you're searching for.

Q10. I can't find that download because I can't remember all my old user IDs and passwords. Annoyingly I had always forgotten to combine my accounts.

A10. You are welcome to use our "Password retrieval" or the "Forgotten Password" link on our website. You need to use the manual password retrieval. Unfortunately we'll have to charge 1 credit for this service. Enter your email address and complete all fields that are labelled with a red asterisk. In the comment field you ought to tell us what download(s) you're searching for (e.g. TRIB-300), particularly if you've had used more than one account in the past for downloading and if you had never combined them.

Q11. I finally found the login information for my old credits account but unfortunately it is empty and there are not sufficient credits available on that account for purchasing the HD upgrade. What shall I do next?

A11. Simply combine your old account with your current account (where you're still having your necessary credits) first. Use our combine tool for combining your accounts. Once combined, our software will recognise that you did download the WMV9 video before and it'll charge the upgrade price only.
Note! If you want to recognise your previous downloads by using the -icon, you'll always have to logout and then to login again after your successful attempt to combine the two accounts.

Q12. I did download the HD test video, but it won't play

A12. You'll need special media player software for playing HD videos on a PC. First read our detailed descriptions, please!

Q13. The HD video is jerking and stopping from time to time. What's wrong?

A13. You need special media player software for playing HD videos on a PC. If you're sure that you have this software, make sure that you have the latest software version and that you're actually playing the HD video file with that media player. Another problem could be that your PC or your video/graphic card in your PC are too slow for HD videos. Only play the video from your hard drive AFTER the download has completed! Do never watch the video while it is downloading (that's true for WMV9 downloads, too!)! You cannot stream HD videos!

Q14. I just bought and downloaded the HD video successfully. May I download the WMV9 media file, too, and does this cost anything?

A14. Of course you're welcome to download the WMV9 media file for free if you just purchased the HD video for the full price and if your HD purchase didn't happen more than 5 days ago. However, if you just paid for the upgrade price for the HD video only, you can't download the WMV9 file again because then you already have it.

Q15. In the future I'd like to purchase the WMV9 Video first and only if I liked it I'll pay the price difference for the HD video download. Will that be possible?

A15. Of course it's possible, because that's exactly what our original idea was! First you'll buy the cheaper WMV9 Video and you'll watch it. Only if you liked it you'll want to have the HD video and you'll have to pay the upgrade price only. However, please note that you ought to login (=user ID/password) with exactly the same account that you had previously used for the WMV9 download. Otherwise you'd have to pay the full price again. That's exactly why it is strongly recommended to always combine any of your new accounts immediately.