Tue, Sep. 26, 2017
Why must I use Microsoft Media Player

TRIBGIRLS.COM sells videos in a special high quality format. Microsoft Media Player is a mediaplayer which will play them.
Additionally we are offering part of our video downloads in HD-quality, too. More information about HD-videos read here.

How long will the download take?

The time to download a file depends on your connection to the internet. If you have a cable modem and you consistently maintain a 1 megabit connection, you should be able to download a video in less than 30 minutes. If your connection is more advanced, you will be able to download much quicker. If you are on a dial-up account, please be patient; it will take a long time, perhaps a very long time. Videos over the internet are clearly designed for broadband internet users. Check with your local Cable TV provider or phone company for the availability of broadband services in your area.
Downloads in HD-quality are taking approximately 4 times more time than the usual downloads.

I am having trouble downloading the file. I keep getting a timeout error.

As the media files for our videos are rather large, (average 50 - 150MB) we recommend a minimum of (A/S)DSL or Cable modem for download. Anything less will take a considerably long time to download. Additionally, many ISPs intentionally time-out their customers if they attempt a large download. We hope that these ISPs will discontinue this customer unfriendly business practice.

How much disk space is required?

Each video requires a different amount of storage. The file size is listed under the 'download movie' button. Typically, a video is between 50 and 150 megabytes. HD-videos however are often requiring more than 1 gigabyte.

Help, I don't know into which folder the media file was downloaded!

Use Windows Find function. First, use your cursor to highlight the filename displayed at the TRIBGIRLS.COM download prompt. Then copy this filename with Ctrl+C. Now click on the Start button (usually bottom left of your screen). You will see "Find" [[picture of magnifying glass]]. Click on "Find" and then click on "Files and Folders". Put the cursor and click on "Name and Location". Now paste in the filename by typing Ctrl+V. The file name should appear in "Name and Location". Now make sure that the "Look in" box lists all your local hard drives. Then click on "Find now" and Windows will find your file. You can double click on the filename as soon as you see it, or use Windows Explorer to find the folder in which it resides.
If you want to find all your TRIBGIRLS.COM media files, instead of pasting the filename into the "Name and Location" box, type *.WMV, where "WMV" is the extension of TRIBGIRLS.COM media files.

My movie stops in the middle and the screen goes black.

A ".wmv" file (i.e.. the file extension of our videos) will allow you to play back the video up to the point where it reaches its file size. In other words, if you download 10% of a file, it will play that 10% and stop. If your download stops, please try to resume downloading to get the complete file, or download the whole file again (make sure you have enough disk space!) You will not need to pay again until your five day limit is reached.

How many times can I view the video after purchasing it?

After  purchase, you can view the video as often as you like. The video is the copyright of TRIBGIRLS.COM and protected by international copyright law. The images and sounds contained in the media file are a license to view the contents of that file at home in a domestic environment. You may make a back-up copy to play on the computer on which you downloaded it (see "Can I play the video on another PC?"). You may not sell, copy, re-sell, exchange, hire, rent, broadcast, publish or otherwise distribute it by any means whatsoever including electronic without written permission from TRIBGIRLS.COM. To avoid a disappointing hard disk crash, we recommend that you back up your videos periodically.

Can I view the movie on another PC?

Yes. But only after you have deleted it from the PC from which you transferred it. Please note the copyright restrictions under "How many times can I view the video after purchasing it?" Copyright infringements will be enforced vigorously.

Will it play full-screen at a reasonable speed or will it be choppy?

TRIBGIRLS.COM videos come in high quality media files. Using a PC that meets the minimum requirements, you should be able to playback all movies full screen. If you do not routinely defragment your hard drive, you may experience performance problems resulting in choppy playback. It is always good practice routinely to defragment your hard drive. Be sure to use an AntiVirus program and only install programs from reputable suppliers.

What is the resolution of the video image?

We encode our videos in PAL at a data-rate of 640 kilobits per second and at 25 frames per second. All PC users can play the files. HD videos have a higher/better data-rate and those files are of course much bigger. Please read more details about HD videos here .

I didn't particularly enjoy the movie. I would like a refund.

Our site offers a variety of selections for different tastes. We hope our customers will take advantage of the accurate descriptions and pictures to determine whether or not they will like a particular video. We are unable to make refunds.

Important: We cannot buy back Credits you have not used to download videos. You can use surplus Credits only for future downloads! No refunds.

How can I transfer my Credits from one account to another?

First, click here to go to "Member administration". If you are not logged in, enter the necessary information to access the account FROM which you wish to transfer Credits. Enter the number of Credits you wish to transfer in the "Transfer" field. In the "to Account field" enter the log-in ID of the account to which you transfer these Credits. Click "GO" to complete the transfer.
If you logged in with the wrong number for the "to" Account, click on Log Out  and log in again with the correct ID.

How can I make certain that I have downloaded the video clip completely?

The easiest way is to compare the file sizes. First note the size in bytes of the file you downloaded. (Precise details of how to do this are available on your operating system (e.g, Windows, MacOS, etc.) Then visit TRIBGIRLS.COM as if you wanted to download the same video clip again. Instead of clicking on "Download now", move your mouse pointer over the text "Size". A little window will open, showing you the exact size of the original file in bytes.
If it's very different (larger) than the size you just noted, you can download the video clip again.

Another new (and much better) method for verifying your downloaded files is our new SFV (simple file verification) system. First read here for more information, please. SVF has got many advantages, particularly that you cannot only prove if your download is complete but you can also verify if every single bit of your download did correctly arrive without any errors.

I have a Mac, how to download videos.

Do Not Open movie until you have downloaded to DISK (hard drive) Do Not use Windows Media Player 7 until you have the movie on your hard drive.
Download method for Mac users or users of any other non-compatible computer systems:
1) Click the download method "without a download manager"
2) Do Not Open movie until you have completely downloaded to DISK (hard drive)
3) Do Not use Windows Media Player until you have the movie on your hard drive.
3a) Using Netscape :place cursor over link
"download without download manager", hold control key down, click mouse and hold till menu pops up, select "Save Link As..."
3b) Using Explorer :same method menu choice is "Save Target as..."
4) For MPEG Files (FofM)
Also we have heard that Quicktime viewed .mpg's are much smoother and more effective on a Mac than .wmv files through Windows Media Player on a Mac.