Tue, Sep. 26, 2017

About The Website

This website presents downloads of video files and photos regarding the topic "tribadism". If you would like to learn more about tribadism and what it is about, just click the link "about tribadism".

On this website we display females only. At the time of recording all women were over 18 years old. This site deals with the topic tribadism, and is definitely an erotic website. Therefore this site is suitable for adults only.

All downloads are paid for with so-called "credits" only. You may order these credits online on our website. If you have few or no credits left on your account, you are welcome to order a new account. You can always combine all your old and current accounts into one using our smart "combine tool". The advantages are that you only have to remember one account, and you may accumulate all your remaining credits from various other accounts into one single account.

Before you buy your first credits, we kindly ask you to download and play our free test video. Since this video is free it does not show any nudity. The free preview photos are deliberately censored because they are free. Note that nothing will be censored nor pixelated in any of our regular videos! If you have a download problem or a problem viewing the free clip, please read our links for "minimal requirements" and "FAQ."

Make your choice by clicking the menu on top of the website.

NEW: Here you will find all new downloads displayed - regardless of what category.

Erotic wrestling: Here we offer downloads that are at least partly erotic nude female wrestling matches. If you are particularly interested in female wrestling we strongly recommend our sister website, You may use your credits on the DWW website too.

HPC: Here we offer all downloads that have been available in the HPC section of DWW. Most of these downloads are also available on DVD in the DWW ONLINE STORE.

TRIB GIRLS: Here we offer downloads released on the website for the first time. All downloads are particularly trib-style erotic.

OTHER: Here we are offering female vs. female erotic downloads dealing with trib- style but not exclusively trib. A download may also display female sexuality other than trib. We also plan to release productions created by other producers in this section.

SEARCH: Here you may search our full text database using either model names or keywords to find exactly what you are searching for.

SALE: Here we plan to offer from time to time downloads for a reduced number of credits.

SELF-RATING: Tribgirls introduces our own self-rating system to help our customers find what they are searching for. Additionally we will introduce our Customer Response Center, where customers will be able to submit their own rating for the video they have seen, and give us a short review to help other customers make their choices.