Tue, Sep. 26, 2017

About Reviews

We are giving away one credit as a bonus to the first 10 reviews per video provided you have previously paid for this download and your review fulfills the conditions below.

If you write a review about any video download that you have paid 3 or more credits for this download and if your review is one of the first ten we authorise for this product, then we shall give you one credit as a bonus to the specific account (user ID and password) you used for downloading this video. You may use this credit for your next download. If you own more than one account we strongly recommend you combine those into one account only for your convenience by using our smart "Combine-tool".

Don't worry! We shall also authorise reviews that are not positive. We do not require you to be our promotional clerk but instead prefer honest and meaningful opinions for the benefit of other customers.
However, we shall strongly care if your review is a real review before we authorise it. You need to write all your reviews either in English or in German only. If you can't speak either of these languages we recommend you use to translate your text first. If you're typing a long review we also recommend you type it into a text processor first and then copy/paste it into our review box when finished.

We will not authorise ……

  1. IF your review has less than 40 words (e.g. "wheee" or "bloody good video" is insufficient for being a useful review).
  2. IF the content of your review does not clearly belong to that specific video. (e.g. standard text or copy/paste of text and/or copies of reviews of other customers - even if only parts of it - or any senseless content will not be authorised).
  3. IF your review contains any sort of libel, slander or other offensive vocabulary, regardless if used against us, against the models or against any other third party, or if the review contains other illegal or immoral text.
  4. IF the review contains spams (even sort of) or links to any other websites
  5. IF your review contains comparisons with other websites/producers - either named or identifiable by any reasonable person - regardless if a positive or negative comparison. We could get sued for illegal competition if we would post such reviews.
  6. IF the text of your review isn't English or German.
  7. Sorry, we cannot accept reviews regarding already expired downloads. You need to submit your review within the first 12 months after your download to qualify for receiving one credit.


  1. The decision to authorise or to not authorise your review is solely the decision of the webmaster. You have no legal claim whatsoever against us to authorise your review.
  2. The order of the reviews will be the exactly the same as the order we received them. The order of the reviews will not depend on whether they are positive or negative, but shall be strictly on the order received
  3. The time to authorise and to publish your review may be - depending on the date and time you submit it - between 6 hours and 7 days.

We shall be pleased to receive your reviews once you have watched the video, particularly for the benefit of other fans. We are happy to give you one credit if you are amongst the first ten who write a review for this video. Even if ten reviews already exist we would like to hear your honest opinion and to read your review since any opinion is valued and important for other fans who cannot decide whether to download a video or not. If you submit a particular relevant and good review AFTER ten reviews have already been authorised and published, our webmaster is authorised to give you up to two credits bonus for a review manually regardless whenever it will become authorised. However, this decision is up to the webmaster only and here is no legal claim possible for getting those credits. We are sure you enjoy reading reviews of other fans before you decide to buy and so will other fans enjoy your review.

How and where do I write my review?

You can enter your review below the description of the relevant video if you click the review link there. Immediately the system will require your user ID and your password to verify if you actually downloaded that very video.

Another smart option offers our  "Account Information" tool. We display a list of all videos you did ever download with your current account. (To make this tool an extremely helpful one we always recommend to use only one account for your downloads and always to combine all new credit accounts with your existing account by using our smart Combine-tool). Using this review link enables you to enter your review for the selected video. Videos you've already reviewed are labelled as check.gif (1031 Byte).

Note that you have to login with the same account you used for downloading THIS video. This may be difficult if you use many different accounts. However, if you forgot the login data of the account you have used for downloading this clip we regret that we can't help you either and you cannot submit a review for this video because we authorise only reviews for customers who have actually seen this video. To avoid the confusion about so many different accounts we always recommend you use our smart  "Combine-tool" so you shall have always only ONE account (= only one user ID and password) to remember for your downloads.

Next, we will ask you for a nickname. We recommend always using the very same nickname for your reviews. The reason is that any time later we then could display ALL your reviews at once for customers who particularly like to read YOUR reviews, perhaps because you are such a good writer or because you seem to be a trusted person to them. However, we can only combine your reviews if you always use the same nickname for your reviews.

Once you have submitted your review you may still edit it as long as we haven't authorised it. To edit your review just proceed the same way as if you'd write another review. Your previously submitted text will be displayed.

Once we have authorised your review you can no longer update it.

You may submit only ONE review per download.