Tue, Sep. 26, 2017

About Fantasyveil:

We are proud to introduce new erotic catfights from Fantasyveil on our website. Fantasyveil is a relatively new German source and they produce photo stories and videos about erotic fantasy catfights in various locations indoors and outdoors. Their preference is to present strong, mature and voluptuous women. They catfight for real although they aren't really trained wrestlers and they finally finish each other off in various styles of lesbian love. At this time there are no real tribadism videos available from this source, however, we have seen yet their first three productions. The catfights are interesting to watch and their lovemaking is realistic. A great collection for catfightfans who like it erotic, too, and who particularly like to watch natural women who do not particularly care for their weight and who can be proud of some voluptuous bodies and breasts. Fantasyveil plans to release more outdoor catfights in the near future. We believe that the productions could become a positive addition for the erotic entertainment of our website and they could fulfil a niche we cannot fulfil as well. As always, it's certainly not for everybody BUT will be loved by somebody. Our fans and customers will decide.