Tue, Sep. 26, 2017

Tribgirl of the Month (ToM)

How and when you can vote ?

For every download during a calendar month (e.g. April, May, June, …) you'll be authorised to vote. Consequently, the more you are downloading during a month, the more opportunities you are getting to vote for your favourite tribgirl. For instance, if you're downloading 6 tribgirls matches during the month of April, you'll qualify to vote 6 times for your favourite 5 tribgirls in April. If you forget to vote during April and it has already become May, then your pending vote will expire and you'll get no chance to use it ever again. However, if you like to vote for the Tribgirl of May again during the month of May, then you'll need to download once again as many tribgirls matches as you like at any time in May. One download in May qualifies you to vote once in May, two downloads in May will qualify you to vote twice in May, etc.

Is it undemocratic ? No, it isn't, since the fans who download more do have a broader knowledge and experience with tribgirls and they do know much more about their qualities and about their attitude. This is the only way for being equally fair to everybody as it disqualifies cheaters who'd sign up with different names if it were just the name and the address only qualifying for a vote. By using your downloads only, everybody is getting the same and a fair chance to vote for his favourite tribgirls.

What do I do if I want to vote right now ?

First find out if you already had a tribgirls download during the current month. If you didn't, then download first and vote for your favourite tribgirls afterwards, do it just the same way as you are submitting your reviews.

If you already had a tribgirls download during the current month, just click the link below to display your "account information" and list your account details. Either you are already logged in with your account or otherwise you're being prompted for entering your user ID and your password in order to login correctly. Login with the account number you had used for your tribgirls download !

Once you can see the list of your downloads, you'll find either a "vote" link or an "expired" link or a "green ok" in each line of your listed downloads. If it's expired, you can't vote any more as the first download attempt for that tribgirls video didn't happen during the current month. It's an old download. If it's the green ok link, then you did already submit a vote using that tribgirls download. However, if you're happy finding a "vote" link, just click the vote link to submit your vote for the tribgirl of the month. If you find more than one "vote" links in your displayed download list, then you may repeat your votes as many times as you may find valid "vote" links in your download list displayed.

If you've got more downloads in any other of your accounts, just click the "Logout" link and repeat the same by logging in again with any of your other account(s) that you had already used for tribgirls downloads during the current month.