Tue, Sep. 26, 2017

How it works

You can download complete videos on to your PC from TRIBGIRLS.COM. Each video remains available for download for a specific time, up to the Close Date. When you pay to download a video, you have 5 days in which to download it, even if you begin just minutes before the Close Date, but you cannot begin to download after the Close Date.
TRIBGIRLS.COM  regularly changes the list of available videos. Videos are withdrawn after the "Close Date" and replaced with new titles. Visit us regularly to see what's on offer. Click on "New Releases" to see what is new right now. Click on "Coming Attractions" to see which titles will be available in the coming months.


This service is intended only for those with very fast broadband (ADSL, DSL; etc.) or cable connections to the internet. It is entirely unsuitable for those with 56k modems, slow computers or other barriers to the very fastest internet access now available, because the download times will be in days rather than minutes.

How it works

At TRIBGIRLS.COM  you pay to download videos from the internet. You don't buy individual videos, you buy time Credits. Each Credit is calculated to represent about 3 to 5 minutes of video playing time, according to the category and quality of the video on offer. 

You Credits are stored in an Account. You can access your Account using your User Name and Password. As soon as you want to download a specific video, the required number of Credits will be debited from your Account and you can begin downloading. The number of Credits needed to download any particular video is indicated next to the video title on the page with the DOWNLOAD button.

When you have insufficient Credits left to download a video, you can top up your Account in the same way that you started it.

Note: the system is only for those with fast broadband or cable internet connections and large hard disks. Once you have placed an Account and bought Credits, no refunds are possible. If you do not have a fast internet connection, please do not start an account with TRIBGIRLS.COM. If you have a slow internet connection, this service is not for you.

You will also need enough space available on your hard disk - sometimes as much 150Mb. Before you start, please check how much you have!

Using the DOWNLOAD button you copy compressed video files on to your hard disk, and then view them as often as you wish. No online or real time video streaming is possible with this system. Because you download entire files, the quality you see is not dependent on the speed or quality of your internet connection. The speed of your internet connection affects only the duration of the download. Once you have downloaded, you can view your video whether or not you are connected to the internet..

Six different opening sizes are offered to start an Account:

1) A small Trial Account of 5 Credits for EUR 13.58
2) A Trial Account of 10 Credits for EUR 23.98
3) A Bronze Account of 25 Credits for EUR 54.38
4) A Silver Account of 50 Credits for EUR 95.98
5) A Gold Account of 100 Credits for EUR 135.38
6) A Platinum Account of 200 Credits for EUR 220.00

You can buy additional Credits to add to your Account whenever you like.

Important: We cannot buy back Credits you have not used to download videos. You can use surplus Credits only for future downloads! No refunds.

Expiration of TRIBGIRLS.COM  and DWW MOVIES credits:
TRIBGIRLS.COM  credits do never expire, though accounts with some valid credits may expire under some circumstances: If you haven't used your account since more than 12 months we shall terminate this account, regardless if there are credits left or not. If you own an old account and haven't used this account since more than 12 months we strongly recommend either to use at least one of those credits from the old account or to combine your old account with one of your current accounts, otherwise your credits would expire just because the account (password) will expire.


Check that your computer and your internet connection fulfil the Minimum Requirements.
(see Minimum Requirements)
Note; if the requirements are not fulfilled, PLEASE do not open an Account. We cannot be responsible for your own computer and its connections, and there are no refunds.


Before you open an Account, PLEASE, PLEASE try our Test Video. You won't need a User Name or Password. The Test Video is in exactly the same format as the videos on offer for Credits. If you can download and view it, you will be able to download and view all our other videos. So please download the Test Video free, view it, enjoy it, and above all make sure that your computer system is sufficient to download and view TRIBGIRLS.COM . If you have problems downloading and viewing the Test Video, please do not open an Account.


Click on the desired category at the top of the page. The available categories are listed on the left of the browser window. In the middle of the browser window you can see the description of the particular video. To get more details for the video shown in the middle, click on that video as listed on the left of the window.

Many videos have been divided into parts, Credits for which you can buy and download individually. You don't have to buy the parts which don't interest you. Each part of an entire video can consist of one or more video files. But we always divide the videos so that each part consists of at least one complete fight.

The file size of the each parts is shown next to the title. You MUST have sufficient space on your hard disk to download the file, so please check before you start!


Click on the "Download Now" button for the desired video file.


A new window opens and you will be asked for your User Name and Password. (So that you don't have to retype these answers each time you log in, you can save them if you activate the check box "Save". The answers are then saved on your computer.)

Now click on Log In. If you click on Cancel, further progress will be halted and no Credits debited from your Account.

STEP 6 (happens only when you log in for the first time for each particular video)

You will be shown some information about your Account and asked if you wish to continue by clicking "Continue". If the video download is available in HD quality, too, then we'll ask you what quality you'd prefer to download. (Note: Different prices!) - If you're interested into the HD video download so then please read here first. Then click the appropriate link for the video quality you'd want to have. Note that not all of our downloads will be available in HD quality!

IMPORTANT: If you now click on CONTINUE, the appropriate number of Credits will be debited from your Account immediately and IRREVERSIBLY. No going back! No refunds! You will now have 5 days in which to downlaod the selected video. If you don't download the video in that time, your account remains debited but further access will be denied. So before you click on Continue please make sure you have enough time to download, enough space on your hard disk, and that this is the video you want. No refunds!

If you click on Cancel, further progress will be halted and no Credits debited from your Account.

If you clicked on Continue, a Download Page appears.


A download page appears.


Choose the download method you want by clicking the displayed link "Click here to start download.." and copy the file on to your hard disk.
MS-Download Control asks you before you start, where you want the file to be saved.


Use Windows Explorer to find the new file on your computer. It ends with the extension ".WMV"

Double click on the file name and Microsoft Windows Media Player (or VLC player for HD files or alternative optional but approved working media player software) will start to play the video.

Have fun!


Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page plus for specific High Definition download questions please consult our FAQs about HD