Tue, Sep. 26, 2017
About HD video upgrade

With immediate effect we're offering selected video downloads additionally in HD (High Definition), too.  HD format allows you watching your downloads in excellent quality both on your computer as well as on your TV! (However, please note that you need special software for playing HD video files on your computer. Therefore kindly read our technical description about the details of our HD downloads and about its technical specifications first, and therefore click here and read on:  "About HD".
Please also read about our FREE SFV download file correctness check HERE.
Of course, all our videos that we are now offering in excellent HD quality will still be available in familiar WMV9 format video files, too. HD videos are NO new products but it's a new feature or an upgrade. You can buy the HD video and the familiar WMV9 clip together only! It's not "HD or WMV9" but it's always "HD+WMV9" what we're offering our download customers.

Any Video downloads available in HD quality are always being labelled with the symbol .

How you shall proceed for downloading HD videos:

Some of our movies will be displayed with such labels: . If you're able to see this label being displayed you'll learn that our software already knows that you'd already downloaded this video file before. If you're going to move your mouse cursor right across that label, then the date of your download will be displayed, too.  PLEASE NOTE: First login with your login-data or otherwise it won't work! (Customers who're still having more than only one download account because they did never want to combine those accounts, please read:  Always login with exactly the same login data that you had used for downloading that WMV9 download before!)  If you won't login or if you're using different login data than those of the original download of this video (e.g. if you'd login with another one of your download accounts) then our software logically doesn't know who you are and it won't display that label (as shown above).Therefore it is always strongly recommended that you're always and immediately combining all your accounts into one account only!

 Customers: After you clicked the button and after we had accepted your login data, we'll display a new page that looks like as follows:

Find displayed

-  the current status of your account,

- the price, e.g. how many credits will the WMV9 format download cost, how many credits will the same video in HD format   cost,  ( = number of credits for the WMV9 format + number of credits for the HD upgrade) and it'll also display the number of credits calculated with the discount for DWW WEB CLUB members (only if you're already logged in with a valid DWW WEB CLUB account).

-  the current status of your selected download:
it'll tell you if you'd already purchased the video in WMV9 format before (note: only if you're logged in with the same account login data that you'd used for the WMV9 download before!)

if the answer is YES, then our software shows you how many days you'll still have time for downloading that video again and it'll also display the number of credits necessary for the HD download/upgrade of the same video. If you downloaded that WMV9 format video more than 5 days ago, you can't download it for free again but you'd rather have to pay again as you may retrieve your download for the first 5 days only! However, if you want to get the HD upgrade you'd still pay the credits for the upgrade price only because you'd already paid for the WMV9 video before!

if the answer is NO, our software will display you a message that you hadn't downloaded this video before.

The Downloading Menu:

" Please select one of the links below by clicking them:"

There are two options:

  1. You're going to buy your selected video in WMV9 format (that's still the same file format you were familiar with before):
    Version Click here to download Your price: X credits

    You're going to pay the price (credits) displayed next to the WMV9 download option.

    In the event that you did already download this video more than 5 days ago, you'll have to pay the FULL price again. Please always carefully watch the displayed price (credits) as you're having 5 days only for retrieving the same download for free.

    Version Click here to download Your price: X credits

    For HD format downloads you're paying the upgrade price (credits) only!

    You don't have to purchase the HD video immediately. You might want to watch the WMV9 video first and only if you really like to have the HD video, too, then you might come back later and you simply pay the price for the HD upgrade only (however, do NOT forget to always login with the same account data of your original WMV9 download if you don't want to pay again when you're going to download the HD upgrade at any time later!)

    Version Click here to download Your price: Upgrade price Y credits

    The price for the HD upgrade varies depending on the length and the content of the video between 1 and 4 credits.

    Read about how much time you'll have between the purchase and download of a WMV9 video file and the purchase and download of the HD file upgrade?

    At present we haven't set any time limits for the HD upgrade requests. If you'd already downloaded the WMV9 video, then you may download its HD upgrade (for the upgrade price only) whenever you want, at any time later. However, we reserve our right to change our generous policy, particularly if we're going to detect violation of our terms and malpractice by our users. Please note that we're going to IP-lock your complete access to our site (no matter who you are) if we're going to detect any kind of malpractice and violation of our terms. After your purchase of the HD video you'll have always 5 days time to retrieve your download if it had failed.


  2. You're going to buy the new video in the new HD format instantly.
    Version Click here to download Your price: X + Y credits

    You're welcome to download only the HD file instantly. However, you'll always have to pay the requested credits for both the WMV9 version as well as for the HD upgrade. It isn't any cheaper than if you'd downlaod both the WMV9 and the HD file. Of course you may also dowload the WMV9 file after you had successfully downloaded the HD version if you had already paid for the HD download before. After your purchase of the HD video you'll have always 5 days time for downloading the WMV9 version.

Please read: After your purchase of the HD video you'll have always 5 days time to retrieve your download if it had failed.